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Want to Simplify Life? Label, Label, Label!

Organizing your home and life is critical to reducing your stress and anxiety levels. This begins with decluttering the things you no longer need and then grouping like items together in the right containers. Next comes labeling your containers or files, which is an important step in keeping your efforts in order.

Benefits of Labels

  1. Labels provide clarity. Household members know where to find items

  2. Labels help you stay organized. Everything has a home - easy to return items - no more clutter

  3. Labels help reduce stress and frustration- no more searching for things

  4. Labels can save you money. You'll easily see each category and won't waste money purchasing items you already own.

  5. Labels can even add to your decor

Labeling methods are a personal preference. Some people are happy using a piece of masking tape and a sharpie, while others want a bit more of a polished look. If you are in the latter group, you may want to do a little investigating on Pinterest or Instagram and see what makes your heart skip a beat. Keep in mind that your container/bin will dictate what type of label you can use. Sticky labels, for example, won't stay well on wicker baskets, etc.

For a nice and simple label, use a label maker. The Brother P-Touch and the DYMO Letratag are just two styles that are easy to use and fairly inexpensive.

Looking for fancier labels? You can find many preprinted styles such as these assorted pantry labels or head over to Etsy and create labels customized to your space.

Chalkboard labels are quite popular as well. This variety pack gives 3 different options.

Talented Kitchen has a variety of different labels. These clip-on labels come with preprinted labels. If you keep scrolling on this link, you can find all sorts of fonts and label styles.

Clear label holders are nice to use on smaller bins and racks.

Self-adhesive poly pockets are great for storage bins. Use an index card to label and replace the card when changing the bin's contents. I personally use these all the time when working with clients or in my own storage space. Want to get really fancy? Use your favorite font and print labels on thicker cardstock, then cut them down to fit the poly pocket.

Self-adhesive metal labels are great to use on sturdy fabric bins. I used them to label some fabric-covered boxes in my home.

Now that I've piqued your interest, get creative and browse Pinterest for many more fun ideas.

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Disclosure statement: Some of the blogs on this site occasionally contain affiliate links that may provide a small commission to OrganizingbyYve at no additional cost to you. I write about the things I love and have recommended or used myself throughout my years as a professional organizer.

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Julie Bestry
Julie Bestry

I love the wide variety of label types you recommend. The self-adhesive poly pockets are so affordable, and the chalkboard labels make me wish I had good handwriting. ;-)

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