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Simple Tips to Keep You Organized

Staying organized can sometimes feel impossible. Fortunately, with a few quick new routines in place, you can make a big impact with relatively little effort. Here are five things to do in your day, week and month to keep on top of things:


1. Make your bed. It sets the intention for your day and feels good to get back into at night.

2. Clear dirty dishes from the sink and clutter from kitchen counters.

3. Sort mail and follow-through by recycling junk and moving papers to their proper homes.

4. Do a load of laundry.

5. Plan for the next day by preparing work/school bags, coffee and breakfast set up.


1. Wash and change your sheets on the same day each week.

2. Take 5 -10 minutes to straighten up hot spots around the house. Choose a drawer, closet or storage space that needs your attention

3. File papers and pay bills on the same day eack week.

4. Create a menu plan for the upcoming week and shop accordingly.

5. Cleanout your refrigerator prior to grocery shopping.


1. Reorganize an area in your home that needs tweaking.

2. Check your calendar for the upcoming birthdays, holidays or anniversaries.

3. Give your home a thorough vacuuming and dusting of baseboards.

4. Set new goals for the upcoming month.

5. Clean out your handbag, work bag, or backpack.

Short snippets of time can go a long way to helping you eliminate stress and staying organized. You can do this!

Need advice or a helping hand? I'm here to help! For a consultation, a virtual, or hands-on organizing session, please contact me at

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