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What Clients Are Saying About Yve

Barb K. Rochester, NY

Due to ice damming, I had to move everything out of a jam-packed attic, and down 3 flights of stairs into my basement, prior to being able to make any repairs. Emptying the attic was a huge project that I had wanted to take care of for a very long time. Yve came in halfway through and helped me to sift through and decide what to throw out, what to recycle, and what to donate. She then helped me put things I was keeping into bins, label them, decide the best place to keep them and arrange them in an organized fashion so that I knew what was where. In addition, she had ideas for better organizing several of my closets and we did that as well. Yve was professional, very hands-on in helping me, and we accomplished a lot in the blocks of time we set aside. This made a very difficult project fun and doable. I now love looking at what we accomplished and am very grateful for Yves’ help and expertise! I highly recommend Yve.

Deborah M. Pittsford, NY

More than Organizing

I initially called Yve prior to “right-sizing” into a smaller home with the goal of de-junking 17 years of accumulation prior to our move. It was astounding how much we accomplished at every organizing session; not to mention that our process was enjoyable! We lightened the load and continued to work together in our new space. Yve’s gifts are listening and creating a process that works for you, rather than set standard or rigid rules. She’s my personal trainer of Organizing, getting work done that leaves me with a sense of calm and freedom. She’s passionate about her business, and it shines through in the results!

Dean. P. Webster, NY

Nobody is better than you helping people like me. Three years later I still can't thank you enough, after taking on one of your largest projects after my divorce with a newly built house and a ton of boxes spread out over a few thousand Sq. Ft. I, still to this day, keep it organized as you set it up, including the bins you shopped for and labeled. You made it very easy for me and thanks again and it was truly a pleasure working with you.

Megan M. Honeoye Falls, NY

"Thanks again so much for your help with our office and basement, and for your guidance along the way. Clearing out the basement has never been so enjoyable! I had been DREADING tackling that, and I feel like a giant weight has been lifted. My husband was so surprised and happy when he came home and saw what had been done. He kept saying, "I have an office!" - even with it not being done yet, that just goes to show how very far it has come. And I could hear him in the basement just going, "wowwwwwwww...holy cow..." He was very impressed with how much we accomplished!

Thank you again for everything. I truly enjoyed working with you and I believe you helped propel us into a less stressful, more productive way of going through everyday life! This is good for us, but especially great for the baby, who shouldn't have to deal with the side effects of years of disorganization. I already feel that it has bought me more quality time with her! (And thanks for getting your hands, clothes, and shoes dirty...and killing that giant the basement!!! Thanks again!"

J.D. - Pittsford, NY

"Yve was a blessing in my life. I found her at the point where I was overwhelmed by the contents of my life and my house. She's a lovely person, caring, and easy to work alongside. I learned about better ways to organize our things and also how to make decisions on what stays and what should go. Yve was the impetus to start clearing the clutter in all areas. She's the best!"


Michele B. - Greece NY  

"You are a pleasure to know. You have a gift of making a person comfortable. Even old Michele, who is so ambivalent about making this necessary move, which entails clearing out 27 years of stuff and parting with so many things. You have even given me the impetus it takes to clean out the closets of the “if you haven’t worn them in a year” things because you have found the perfect place to which I can make donations. Thank you! You are very sweet and nonjudgmental which is helpful to a person like me. It will be my pleasure to refer you to my family, friends and anyone in my life who may need the services you offer."


Kathy G. - Wexford

"Thank you so much for helping me organize my basement!! Working with you has really helped my husband and I to finally let go of all the clutter! It's amazing how much stuff we've accumulated over the years! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. We have actually since moved on to organizing our garage. It's so true that we hang on to things we really don't use any more that could be so useful to someone in need. Thanks again! Whew!!!!!!" 

Cindy L. - Webster, NY

"Thank you Yve!! I remember hearing my Mother say “I need a wife!” when she felt like she couldn’t keep up with all there was to do. I had caught myself saying that a little while back. Then we found you! Since you have worked with me life flows much better. You find out what we need to get better organized and then help us accomplish it! You are patient, positive,courteous, thorough, punctual, kind and understanding. You have a way of getting things done in a timely manner without making people feel rushed or pressured. Your sense of humor made the time with you a lot of fun. And your prices are very reasonable - some of the best money we have spent. I know that life will keep me busy and I will not always be able to keep things exactly the way I want them to be. But I also know that you will be there to help me get them back on track when needed! Thank you for all you have done!"



Marsha H. - Victor, NY

"The boxes in our basement just kept accumulating, year after year, move after move. It made me physically sick to think of all of the lost possessions and wasted space we were amassing. Yve was able to accomplish in eight hours what would have taken me months of heartache and frustration. Just the tax deductions from all of the donated items alone (included in her services)  more than paid for her fee. This was the best money I have ever spent. Yve is a pleasure to work with, polite, professional and an incredibly hard worker."


Cyndie D. - Faiport, NY

"Just wanted to say Thanks again immensely for all your hard work! We absolutely LOVE our new basement! There is so much space now..... Going down there and seeing everything so organized makes me SO happy and stress-free! You were a dream to work with and are such a sweet person! You made it so easy! I have already told all my friends and co-workers about your business and how wonderful you are! We have already done a couple new things, like adding the new bookcase with all those books and moved the mattresses and food area."


Emma M. - Pittsford, NY

"Thanks so much Yve! It was really great meeting and working with you - I feel cleansed of my clutter :) Truly though what a life saver...I feel much more confident I will keep this new habit going!"


Debbie W.  - Rochester, NY

"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation to you for all of the help that you have given to me with my home organization challenges. From the moment I contacted you prior to our move to the Rochester area, you have been an absolute pleasure to work with. After the movers dropped all of our things off back in July of this past year; you provided an irreplaceable service. In fact, my husband says wherever we move from this point forward, Yve must commit to help us get setup! Having you work with me on setting up a system to not only get organized - - but stay organized has been fantastic. It was so overwhelming to see boxes and boxes of my belongings come into our new home and not have a clue what the most logical way to setup to and best utilize the space. You and I talked about the fact that sometimes when you have lots of space which we do, it can be just as challenging as not having enough space. It is not how much space you have, it's how you use the space you have! Starting in the kitchen was a great idea. You really helped me to pause and give some thought to how I like to work in a kitchen, how I cook, what tools I really use and just as important - - how the kitchen functions for my family as a gathering space. Who the heck ever actually thinks before unloading boxes and storing in the first available drawer or open space??!! Well, Yve, the fact that you have such a calming demeanor and take the time to ask the right questions to ensure functionality and happiness in the space makes me see how important that is to me. Most of us just dwell on getting things put away and out of sight but never on how long term, less clutter and great use of space, can actually make you really feel better and really appreciate your spaces.


Moving on to the closets was our next challenge and having you there with me was so helpful. Your constant question, "Do you love it" helped me part with clothes and accessories that could be donated to a charity organization. It is great that these items have now been put to good use by people who need them. Sure did help that you itemized everything and even offered to take to the charity of choice. Somehow if it had been left to me I probably would still have bags of clothes and good intentions cluttering some area in my basement or a closet in my home...but I bet you knew that didn't you!!


I love the fact that you gave me so many tips to stay organized. From time to time you even give homework assignments to your clients on ways to not re-enter that clutter zone, how cool is that! It's obvious that you really care about your clients not just for the time that you are with them sorting and organizing but for the long term. It is so refreshing to work with someone who really has the best interest of her clients as a priority. I cannot thank you enough for the gift of organization and helping me understand how much it can make a difference in the quality of my life and that of family."



Barbara C. - Pittsford, NY

"Thank you so much for all you did to help me organize my home, I couldn't have done it without you. When we started the project I thought that you would just come in and tell me how to organize myself, what I did not expect is that you actually made me rethink why I was keeping things I no longer needed. I am now applying these methods to all my organizing decisions. My home feels so much better now that all the clutter is gone. I can't believe the difference! Thanks a million!"


Joanne and Vincent - Fairport, NY

"Yve to the rescue! We were completely weighed down by the clutter in my house. We had no idea how or where to start...Our five year-old son wanted to have his friends over but I was embarrassed and wouldn't let anyone see our house. My husband and I were constantly arguing about the house and I can't tell you how many times I tried to do it myself only to become frustrated and overwhelmed. I was reluctant to spend the money to have someone come in and help me organize. I thought that I should be bright enough to be able to figure out how to do it on my own. I finally swallowed my pride and called Yve Irish. Yve was absolutely wonderful. I was embarrassed to even let her in my house. But she was so warm and compassionate and totally non-judgmental.


Her positive approach to the entire project gave me hope and made me realize that I really could have the home I always dreamed of. Yve and I worked side by side to get control of the clutter. She wasn't pushy or bossy making me throw out everything that we own. She helped me to choose what we needed to enrich our lives and create the living space we most wanted. As we worked together, Yve taught me how to organize and together we gave everything in our home a place of its own. I can't thank her enough for her hard work, patience, understanding and care. Now when I walk into my clutter-free home I know that I am in control and that we are creating the best environment for our son to grow up in. The money we spent was a bargain for the peace and harmony we have gained in our home."


Debra C. - Brighton, NY

"My home office was such a mess it wasn’t even functional. I hired Yve and she came in while I was on vacation. When I came home I just couldn’t believe the difference! All the clutter was gone. I never would have been able to tackle this project on my own. Hiring Yve was such an easy solution."


Cheryl P. - Rochester, NY

"Since moving into our house as a young family many years ago, the basement had become a real source of discontent and chaos in my life. I didn't like going down to the basement to get something nor to put something away, which was next to impossible since nothing really had a proper home. Guests couldn't enter my basement without me feeling embarrassed. Over the years, I constantly entertained the thought that I would someday soon have the time to straighten everything up myself, and I really felt I had some baseline organizational understanding and skills to be able to do it myself.


My husband and I recently decided that the task was really too large and my time was too sparse, so we pursued the services of a professional organizer. Yve stood out to us at our consultation as someone who was highly professional, effective and efficient. She was that and SO much more. I truly appreciated all of Yve's services, which included dropping off car-loads of donations for me. Her leadership and guidance made a task that seemed so challenging become so attainable, and I am completely satisfied with how the basement now looks and with how it is now functional and clutter-free! I realize that I really could not have gotten this long-desired result by myself. It was truly a pleasure to work with Yve, and I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in organizing their home and getting the job done efficiently and well."


Lisa W. - Pittsford, NY

"I had several organizing sessions with Yve Irish. During these sessions, Yve worked with me to help get my basement organized and manageable. Before my consult my basement probably looked like most people's...a overflow of toys, craft projects and laundry. Yve started off reviewing the situation and discussed with me which items to keep and some very helpful tips on how to get and stay organized. Then she rolled up her sleeves and jumped right in. She worked tirelessly to help me achieve a basement that was de-cluttered and I could be proud of. She helped me determine which items were necessary and how to store them. The end result was a craft room that I could craft in instead of moving piles around, and a separate area where I could do laundry.


After each session Yve gave me goals that I could accomplish on my own. In no time I had tackled the junk drawers and linen closet. Using Yve's methods I was inspired to organize throughout the house. During this process she offered the guidance, support and encouragement that helped me maximize my results.


I would highly recommend using Yve Irish for your organizational needs. She has an obvious commitment to quality, reliability and integrity. During the organizing process I never felt pressured to part with anything, or felt judged in any way. In the end I had an organized home that has proved to be invaluable to my family and a great stress reducer (imagine knowing where everything is in your home!). An added bonus is that I now fully consider my purchases before bringing home any item that I may not truly need. It's cut my urge to impulse shop down to a minimum and that means more money stays in my pocket. Thank you Yve!"


Maggie M. - Brighton, NY

"Dear Yve, Thank you so much for the wonder of my studio.  I have been very peaceful and productive in my space the last two weeks.  Thank you. Thank you.  I enjoyed watching and learning from you.  I simply love how your mind works."

For your Clutter-Free Jump Start contact Yve to set up a complimentary phone consultation at 585-201-6009 and get on your way to a new clutter-free and organized life!

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