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The Ultimate Closet Space: Stunning and Functional

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

If you’ve been inspired by closets on Pinterest, Instagram, or even the Netflix series" Get Organized with The Home Edit," then read on. When it comes time to take your closet vision to the next level, you’ll need the right tools and systems in place to make it both visually pleasing as well as efficient.  


It's tempting to install new closet systems, however, it’s impossible to know what to purchase if you have no idea how much you’re storing.

Now is the time to get busy and clear out everything that doesn't fit your current lifestyle, is torn, stained, or simply worn out. Watch this video to help with the purging process.

Next, sort what’s left into categories (pants, tops, dresses, etc) and determine how you’d like to store them. I like to hang most of my tops and pants and fold my jeans, workout wear, PJ's, and camis. Everyone has their own preference, so start with what feels right and adjust as needed.

Step 2.  DESIGN

After sorting, you’re ready to design your closet layout and get the right tools to organize everything in the most efficient way.

First, take look at your current system. Does it provide enough shelving and hanging space for your needs? Limited on closet space? Get creative with solutions that utilize your bedroom or even a spare room for lesser used or out of season clothing.  Make use of every available inch in your closet. Often builders only install a single rod for hanging clothing with one shelf above, leaving much of the lower space unused. For extra hanging space, install a second rod below, leaving just enough space for long hanging clothing. For extra tall ceilings, consider adding a high shelf to store seldom used items. And don't forget to plan for your shoe storage.  

Choose what fits to your style and have fun

Sprucing up your closet doesn't have to break the bank. A lot of systems can be DIY projects, giving you the option of adding additional shelving, hanging rods, or drawers.  

Elfa System - Available at the Container Store in a variety of finishes and styles that makes it easy to create a true custom solution. 

Closet Maid - These systems are affordable and easy to install. Check them out at or at Home Depot.  This video will help you calculate your closet space.

Don't have a large budget to add an entire system? Try adding hanging fabric shelves, an adjustable hanging rod, or shoe racks for additional storage. 

Once you’ve maximized your storage, it’s time to organize everything into the newly designed space. Arrange clothes by style and color, from light to dark, or, if it makes you happy, in rainbow order.  

If you've read any of my previous posts, you know that these are one of my favorite organizing tools. Their slim design virtually doubles your storage space, keep clothes from slipping off and give a sleek, uniform look to the space. Be sure to purchase a heavy duty style with a 360 degree swivel hook.  

Boxes, and Bins

These are great to keep items such as workout wear, camis, bathing suits, and accessories contained and tidy. Use the file folding method, which lets you see exactly what you have. (video) 

Sweater Boxes will add another stylish element to your closet while keeping clothing dust-free, yet in plain view. 

Bag Storage

Store bags upright (stuffed) in bins or on shelves using shelf dividers. For more than you'll ever want to know about how to stuff your bag, check out this blog. Not enough space on your shelves? Try using a hanging purse organizer.

Other accessories

Scarf hangers or wall racks can be useful for belts, scarves, ties, and jewelry.  

Melamine or metal shoe rackare a great addition if you don't have built-ins.  Storage bins with labels - another one of my favorite organizing tools. The build-in labels are attractive and let you find everything with ease. 

Having a neat, organized, and visually appealing closet will add joy to your day and make life much more efficient.  

Need advice or a helping hand? I'm here to help! For a consultation or organizing session, please contact me at

Disclosure statement: Some of the blogs on this site occasionally contain affiliate links that may provide a small commission to OrganizingbyYve at no additional cost to you. I write about the things I love and have recommended or used myself throughout my years as a professional organizer.

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