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My Favorite Kitchen Organizing Products

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Best, favorite kitchen organizing products

The kitchen is often the hub of the home. A place to meal prep, cook, eat and gather. Having an organized kitchen is essential to working more efficiently, and saving time and money. For example, an organized pantry and refrigerator will save you money by giving you a better overview of your food inventory, thereby avoiding the purchase of duplicate items. Organized drawers and cupboards will help you save time by finding what you need when you need it.

As with all organizing projects, be sure to begin by purging every space. Get rid of all broken, unused, or duplicate items, then sort like items together. Next, assess what size container will best suit each group of items, and be sure to measure the space to maximize your storage options. I love adding labels whenever possible!

Today I'd like to highlight just a few of my favorite organizing products. The images below serve as a visual guide. Each category is available in a variety of other styles and sizes; choose whatever best fits your needs, style, and budget.

1. Lazy Susans - these are a great option to use in your cupboards, fridge, pantry, or under the sink. Corner cabinets are often oddly shaped, making it hard to reach items. A large, lazy Susan will give you easy access to this space. Store food or small dishes in these areas. You may even consider adding a turntable to your countertop for spices, oils, etc.

This single-tier design comes in 3 different sizes. They are great for storing canned goods, glass jars, oil, vinegar, spices, dishes or even cleaning supplies.

This double-tier design is perfect for spices, vitamins, or smaller jars.

This clear, lazy Susan features a taller edge to keep items from falling off. I would choose this design if you frequently reach for other items stored near the turntable, for example, in the refrigerator.

2. Organizing Racks - These are wonderful tools to store cooking and baking pans, lids, cutting boards, cookie sheets, platters, large plates, etc. Use them vertically or horizontally, depending on space and functionality. Again, there are many designs to choose from. Below are just a few of the different styles I've used before.

3. Drawer Organizers - These are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Choose an organizer that will best suit your style and fit your space.

Expandable drawer organizers are wonderful options for various-sized items. I like using them for flatware, utensils, kitchen gadgets, and let's not forget the junk drawer!

Single-size drawer organizers are a perfect option for small drawers or to configure your own design to accommodate the various sized items to be stored. They may be purchased in sets or individually.

4. Storage Bins and Baskets - These are great for containing food or cleaning items and will function much like a drawer. No more fumbling over and knocking down items.

Clear bins for the fridge and freezer

Sturdy bins and baskets are a good option to store cleaning supplies or larger food items in pantries.

Lidded containers are perfect to keep food fresh. Choose a design that has an airtight seal.

Tiered shelf organizers are a great way to keep items like spices, cans, and jars in clear view.

Shelf risers can maximize storage in cabinets. Some styles are stackable or expandable.

Roll-out shelf organizers make it easy to reach items, especially in deeper cupboards and pantries.

Even smaller versions are very useful. I love using this style under sinks when plumbing won't allow for larger drawers.

I hope this sampling of products inspired you to organize your kitchen. If you have questions or would like help with an organizing project, you can contact me at or


Here are a few examples of how to use some of the featured products throughout your home.

organized kitchen cabinet with lazy Susan
A 9" turntable and shelf riser maximize this small space under a kitchen sink.

Organized bathroom cupboard with pull-out drawer.
A pull-out drawer organizer maximizes a bathroom cupboard.

Organized kitchen junk drawer
Clear drawer organizers store assorted items in a kitchen junk drawer.

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1 Comment

Feb 06, 2019

There is so much out there to help us use space efficiently which, after having downsized my home, has become crucial. Thanks for bringing all of these options to the attention of your followers. I keep on meaning to get some clear bins for the refrigerator. Thanks for the reminder!

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