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Master Closet Remodel

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Having lived with the same bedroom furniture for close to 30 years, it was definitely time for a much-needed bedroom makeover. After a little hesitation, I decided to give our master closet an update as well. Hesitation only, because there were so many other projects around our home, that the money could have gone to. In the end, though, I am glad that we went ahead and took the leap.

Our old closet had basic wire shelving, that was installed by the home builder. The shelving was not efficient in storage, and some of the shelf brackets were actually starting to pull out off the wall.

This is what the closet looked like just a few short weeks ago. (Click on each image for full view).

We started out by removing the shelving and patching the holes. The closet was then painted a lighter shade than the bedroom wall. While we waited for the install date, we made do with a couple of clothing racks and a few shoe shelves, that we already owned. Not terribly chic, but it worked!

Terri Lemery from American Building Systems helped us come up with the perfect design for our needs. She was such a pleasure to work with and made the entire process easy and enjoyable. We chose a basic style, without a lot of bells and whistles, since this is not our “forever home”. The installers were great and completed the installation within just a few hours. After they left, I had a blank canvas to work with.

Now it was time for the fun part…organizing all of our clothing into the new space. Since I already owned quite a few black slim-line hangers, I decided to convert the rest of the white plastic hangers to them as well. I love these hangers! They help keep the clothes in shape and prevent them from slipping while lending a nice, uniform look to the space.

Since I like to hang up most of my clothes, I chose to have mainly hanging space on my side of the closet. On my husband’s side, we added a few shelves for some of his jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters. Along the back side of the wall, we each have a row of shelving for our folded clothes; even though I did take over his two top shelves to store my lesser-worn shoes. :)

A few smaller items ended up in decorative boxes, which I love.

There are a lot of the features in our new closet, that I love. My favorite thing, however, is the pair of slide-out chrome hampers from Rev-a-Shelf, which are lined with heavy-duty black liners. Having had one large hamper for everything before, it is now super easy to keep lights and darks separated. Oh, the little joys in life!

The new closet not only looks and functions better now but will be a nice feature, should we decide to sell our home in years to come.

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