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15 Minute Spice Rack Makeover

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

​Thought I’d share a short little story…

Spice organizing

​It started out so innocently…all I wanted was to find the cilantro in my spice cabinet! Honestly, this has happened to me quite often in the past…must be a professional affliction!

Five minutes later I had the entire spice organizer on my kitchen counter. Great time to sort through what I had since it’s been far too long!

Spice turntable

Another five minutes later I had found several spices that were much older than I dare to admit. Off to the recycling bin they went!

sorting spices

Once organized, I returned the jars back onto my spice turntable. As I replaced my spices over the past years I've been trying to stay with the same style, however, not all spices are available from the same manufacturer. Much to my dismay! :)

organized spices

Love how little projects like this make me feel!

#spiceracks #kitchenorganizing


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