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Stress-free Holiday Travel Tips

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Being well-organized will benefit you in every aspect of your life - and travel is no exception. If you have plans to travel this holiday season take notes and get prepared well ahead of time.

Once the transportation and lodging have been arranged you can concentrate on getting prepared for your trip. Most tasks can be done weeks or days in advance to avoid last-minute rushing and stress. As always, it’s good to start by making your lists.

What are some of the things that need to be taken care of while you are gone?

  • If you have pets, will you need a sitter or reserve a space in your kennel?

  • What about your mail?

  • Do you have houseplants that need watering?

  • Does the garbage need to be taken in or out while you are gone?

Enlist the help of a friend or a neighbor to assist you with these tasks.

Next, think about the weather conditions of your travel destination and start planning your wardrobe accordingly. Make a list of all items that you would like to bring along and note down anything that still needs to be purchased or laundered before you leave. Try to keep a cosmetic case with travel-sized toiletries packed and ready to go. If you travel more frequently it is helpful to keep a small amount of travel-size products in your supply closet.

When packing your suitcase try using packing cubes, a great way to group similar items (or entire outfits) together. Many styles come in different color options for each member of the family. Don't forget to pack a fabric laundry bag to separate your dirty and clean clothes, which makes unpacking a snap when you get home. Pack your suitcase a day or two prior to your departure, leaving enough room for last-minute items. Pictured below are two styles of packing cubes that feature a bonus laundry bag.

Travel by Car

If you are traveling by car make sure that your vehicle has had all its regular maintenance done and is equipped with an emergency kit, as well as a blanket or two. Pack snacks, drinks, wet naps, and a variety of entertainment for your children. Here are just a few ideas for car organizers to keep your kids entertained and your car clean.

- Features multiple pockets for toys, snacks, and a display for your tablet or IPad

- Keep your car clean and free of messes

Travel by Plane

If traveling by plane, be prepared for the occasional delay by packing a few snacks and, if possible, a small pillow or light blanket. I like to bring an extra sweater with me, just in case of spills or if it gets colder than anticipated. (Having to spend 10 hours overnight in a highly air-conditioned airport wearing only Capri pants and sandals has taught me to think ahead).

Here are a few more items to help organize supplies for your children for plane or car travel.

Small kids stay entertained with all of their games and coloring supplies close at hand. The car seat organizer is actually quite a bit larger than it appears in the picture, it will hold toys, books, snacks, etc.

This trunk organizer is a great option as well, not just for travel. Featuring pockets, 3 compartments, and removable sub-dividers can be folded half-length as a seat organizer, and is fully collapsible for easy storage.

Planning early, using helpful organizing solutions, and anticipating the occasional obstacle will let you leave for your trip with your mind at ease, knowing that everything is done.

*Full disclosure: Some affiliate links were used for your convenience. You pay nothing more by clicking any of the links on my site. Thank you for supporting this blog and happy organizing!


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