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No Clutter December

January is generally a popular month to start getting our lives and homes into better shape. Getting organized is usually high on the list. Since we tend to accumulate even more items during this time of year, it might be a good idea to get a head start on de-cluttering.

So in the spirit of "No-Shave November", I propose we start a "No-Clutter December" challenge. Now, don't worry, I wouldn't expect you to start a huge de-cluttering, and organizing project during one of the busiest times of the year. Here is what I propose - it's really very simple!

  1. Grab a donation bag, or a box and leave it in an easily accessible, yet out of the way spot.

  2. Commit to spending 5 or 10 minutes each day, going through a cupboard, a drawer, a closet, etc, and pull out anything you no longer need, use or love.

  3. Check and see which holiday decorations didn't get used this year, chances are, there might be an item, or 2 that could get donated as well.

  4. Put all items in your donation box/bag.

  5. Once the holidays are over (or even before) drop the boxes off at your favorite local charity.

It's that easy! Starting in January you can begin the reorganizing process. Now that most of the purging has been done, it will be easier to sort and then store your belongings in a more organized fashion. Stay tuned for tips on how to proceed, in future blogs, or call me if you'd like to learn more about my services. Check out my January Special Organizing bundles and get your New Year off to a clutter-free and organized start.


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