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Favorite Holiday Organizing Products

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Properly storing your holiday decorations and gift wrapping products can help save you time and money. When items are organized in one space, they are easily accessible and safe from breakage. It also lets you see what you have, avoiding unnecessary trips to the store to buy items you already own. Pictured below are a few options to help inspire you to organize your holiday supplies.

Ornament Storage Boxes come in a variety of styles and sizes. I like using boxes with customizable dividers to accommodate odd-sized ornaments.

Christmas Tree Storage Bags are a great way to keep your tree away from dirt and dust.

Wreath Storage Boxes will protect your wreaths from getting crushed or dirty.

Storage Containers with lids will keep the rest of your decorations organized. Choose a sturdy, clear or opaque bin with latching lids. Each bin could be dedicated to a specific room to make decorating easy in the coming years.

Wrapping Paper Storage comes in a variety of styles. For a smaller amount of paper rolls, bows, and ribbons you could use a regular under the bed storage container or this style with separate compartments. Gift bags can be stored upright, sorted by size, in regular bins.

Ribbon Storage options vary as well. Here are just a few different ideas. Choose what makes sence for your collection.

I recommend taking a little time to purge at the end of each season. Getting rid of anything you no longer need and organizing bins will help start you off on the right foot come November of next year.

*Some of the links listed above may be affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases, at no cost to you.


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