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Creating an Organized Family Launch Pad

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

A launching/landing pad is one of the most helpful systems to create because it’s your designated space for a quick and easy transition when leaving or arriving home. A place for family members to drop their bags, backpacks, keys, coats, shoes, or anything else that will help them get out of the door on time.

Find the right space and storage

Create a launch pad wherever you exit and enter your home. This could be in a mudroom, foyer, garage, hallway, or any area near the front or back door. Your scope will vary depending on the number of family members living at home. So be creative! You could convert a coat closet into your launchpad by adding shelving, cubbies, and hooks, giving each family member their own dedicated basket, bin, and space. Consider using a bookshelf or have built-in shelves designed.

Not enough space for a shelf? Don’t overlook wall space and go vertical. Think hooks for bags, coats, backpacks, and keys. Peruse Pinterest for inspiration and helpful ideas.

As you create your space, consider items you need to store: 1. Shoes - shelving, racks, cubbies, shoe bench, cabinets

2. Coats - hooks, hall trees, closet space

3. Bags - hooks, cubbies, shelves, bins

4. Keys and other smaller items - hooks, bins, baskets on shelves or dressers

Remember, this is a space for the items you use most frequently each season. Store rarely worn items in other locations to keep the space from feeling cluttered.

Embrace maintenance

No space will stay perfectly organized forever, especially when it’s used by multiple family members. Create a daily habit of putting stray items back into their intended homes. This will only take a few minutes and save you time and the frustration of reorganizing the entire space.

Once you have your own launch pad, you’ll immediately notice how much smoother your transitions become. No more searching for keys, bags, or shoes. You will find your things when you need them so that you can get on with your day!

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29. 4. 2021

My launchpad isn't all in one place, but I can stand in the middle and stretch my arms to touch all of the aspects of it: my cell phone, medical essentials, purse, keys, and every well-dress 21st-century person's fashion statement, my mask. I'm convinced, though, that having everything from outerwear to shoes to the phone/glasses/keys/wallet essentials all in proximity is the insurance policy busy households need to maintain order out in the world. Great advice!

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