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An Organized Move to a New Apartment

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Thought I'd share our experience when we helped our daughter with her move to her new apartment last month. It was a busy couple of days, but it was so much fun setting her up in an organized way! Amazing how much we accomplished to help her get settled in such a short span of time! She actually was able to entertain friends the day after we left.

The key to our success was a lot of planning in the weeks leading up to her move. In a way, it was like the 4 years prior, when we brought her to college, except this time we had to think about an entire apartment, versus a dorm room.

2 cars loaded to the max and off we went on our 5-hour journey. Once we arrived, we unpacked the cars, ate lunch, and actually took about an hour to go pick apples! I know it sounds crazy, but the weather forecast showed rain for the following day. Knowing it was the last day to pick Honey Crisps, which are our favorites, we made the decision to go for it.

Once we picked our apples, we got right back to business. Small details, such as a lid organizer, as well as a 3M hook to hang the strainer, will help keep things easily organized. A shelf above the dryer was perfect for household items like power cords, tools, and nails, which are nicely stored in labeled containers.

Over the next day, we finished unpacking, finding homes for everything in the new space, then went shopping for a few finishing touches. Having 4 pairs of hands made the process go very quickly, which gave us time to have our first home-cooked meal in her new place and even play games in the evening.

Saying goodbye was hard to do! Seeing your child grow into a young adult fills you with pride and wonder, and knowing that she is happy and well taken care of is all we'd ever hoped for, which makes us happy. Not to mention that her home is perfectly organized. :)

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