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Staying Organized and Sane During Home Renovations

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Anyone who has ever been through a home renovation project understands how stressful the process can be. Add in pets, visitors and the holidays and chaos is likely to happen!

We just endured our own master bathroom renovation (which turned out lovely) however, it came with its own challenges along the way. Planning ahead and keeping a sense of humor, helped minimize the stress and kept the process running smoothly.

Here are a few steps you can take that will help make your next remodeling project more manageable.

Plan ahead

  • What area of the home are you planning on remodeling?

  • Will you be able to use your kitchen, bath, or bedroom, or will you need to make alternate plans? Will you have to leave your home for a period of time, or can you move to a different area of the home?

  • While planning which items to move another location, consider the current or changing season and any upcoming social events. You may also take this a step further and plan your routine for the new space. What items do you need to get ready each morning and each evening?

  • When undergoing a kitchen remodel set up a temporary area that may include a microwave, refrigerator, coffeemaker, slow cooker, utensils, a few plates, glasses, and cups. This will enable you to continue to make small meals during the construction. Don’t forget to keep some takeout menus to your favorite restaurants handy.

During our renovation, we lost the use of our bedroom, closet, and bathroom, and moved into the guest room for 5 weeks. Planning ahead helped me think through the many "what if" scenarios, which kept us organized and comfortable.


Remodeling projects are a great time to purge things. Many homeowners will simply pack up their items to sort through later. Often, this ends up as clutter in basements, garages or spare rooms.

  • Take time to sort through and get rid of any unused items well before the project is set to begin. This step will make the move-in process much easier.

In our case, our bathroom project gave me the chance to reevaluate closets and vanities in both the master and guest bed and bathrooms. Outdated personal supplies, clothing, and linens were donated or disposed of.

Protect Against Dust and Damage

Even if your contractor plans to prep the job site, you may want to protect the surrounding areas as well.

  • Cover up furniture, remove curtains, area rugs, and artwork and store them away from dust and debris.

  • Protect your valuables from accidental breakage, packing them away for safekeeping.

For example, I used plastic sheeting and taped off my bedroom closet, covered the headboard and any furniture that could not be easily moved.

Stay Safe

Set up safeguards to keep your family and pets from harm.

  • Dogs, cats, and small children are curious and may get stuck in tight spaces or get cut by debris from the renovation.

  • Think about blocking off certain areas or finding pet sitters for the duration of the project.

  • Clean up each evening. Your contractor should do this automatically, but you may want to take a quick look around to check for potential hazards.

Stay Organized.

Keep important information close at hand to refer to during renovation.

  • Create folders (digital or paper) and keep receipts and info for the entire project. Some homeowners create project binders with all related information, so it is readily available to you.

  • Include details such as paint colors and fabric swatches.

  • If the renovation is your main living area, set up a system that keeps you organized during this time. Ensure that you have a place for your incoming mail, bills, and important papers.

Stay flexible

Expect delays and stay calm when setbacks and hiccups occur. They tend to be a natural part of the remodeling process.

Knowing in advance that problems are part of the project can help reduce stress levels. Keep your focus on the end goal and visualize your beautiful newly renovated space! This will make your remodeling project endurable.

For more information or help with your upcoming project, contact me at


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