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Redesigning Your Home? What Will You Do With Your Old Stuff?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

After many years of using an autumnal color palette throughout most of my home, I have been slowly changing to more neutral tones. Although I still liked a lot of the wall art and decor; the colors just didn't go with the new design.

If you've made major changes in your home, you will know what I mean. The question is, what should we do with pieces that no longer fit in with the new color scheme or style? Many will store these items somewhere in the home, most likely in the basement. In many cases, the justification is that these items may be useful again sometime in the future.

Most people have done this before, myself included. Yet, being honest, we can admit that these items will likely still be there, years later...untouched and dusty, taking up precious storage space.

Determined to walk the talk, I donated almost everything. Since a few of the nicer pieces were of some value, it was worth the time to sell them on Craigslist. Large items, like furniture, are definitely worth posting, such as our 28-year-old bedroom set. Though most times it is easier to take the tax write-off from a donation. You will have to determine whether your time is worth the work it takes to post the smaller stuff. Yet another option is to gift items to a friend or family member who would use them.

Whether you redo an entire room, or just buy one new item to replace something in your home, be proactive and let it go right away. This habit will help keep clutter at bay and let someone else get some enjoyment from these items.

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