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Gift Giving Advice: Avoid Adding Clutter to Someone's Life

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

We all like to give gifts, to show our appreciation to those that touch our lives throughout the year. Whether it’s a teacher, a co-worker, or even the mail carrier – it’s just nice to give a little thank you.

The trouble with many of these well-meaning gifts is that they often end up as unused clutter in someone’s home. Think about how many ornaments, mugs and trinkets teachers have gotten over the years. Lotions and candles are a especially tricky gifts - remember, not everyone has the same taste in scents. Many times I have helped clients to de-clutter, only to come across boxes, or shelves full of gifts that were never used but kept out of guilt.

This year let’s resolve to reduce future clutter by giving wisely. Some things to consider before making a gift purchase are:

How well do you know the person? Does he, or she enjoy books, music, coffee or baked goods? Would they enjoy getting pampered, or perhaps have a nice dinner out?

Now, many will argue that gift cards are impersonal; and while they aren’t for everyone, I believe that most people would prefer them over a trinket. It’s a great idea to give them a card to their favorite coffee shop, restaurant or spa. Aside from gift cards, I also like giving consumable gifts, although you want to carefully consider your choices. Only pick items you know to be the person’s favorite – like sweets, baked goods, or wines and spirits.

Of course, there is always the gift of time! If you know the person well and enjoy spending time with them consider giving a certificate to take them out to dinner, the theater, a sporting event, etc.

I'd love to hear your own non-clutter gift ideas, you can leave them in the comments below.



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