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The Benefits of Getting Organized

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

I’ve been a professional organizer for a long time, but I continue to be amazed at how much even a little organization and, more importantly, a mind shift, can make such positive changes in someone's life!

Last spring, I was hired by a wonderful client to organize several areas of her home. A 20-hour organizing package that included detailed “homework” instructions was perfect for her since she was highly motivated to work by herself in between sessions. Since homeowners often feel overwhelmed before we begin a project, I find that a little laughter makes the tasks much more bearable. So, with light conversation and humor as part of the process, we had a lot of fun while working on her kitchen, home office, laundry room, basement, and garage. Over the years, many of my clients have turned into friends, which happened in this case as well. Last week, I received this e-mail in response to my holiday note to her. (She has given me permission to share her thoughts).

"Yve, I've thought about you so many times this holiday season. My holiday "re-gifts" and decorations were so easily accessible. My basement is a bit messy as I work to put everything back together but plan to have it completed by tomorrow. What prompted me to write is the post you did today about the Smead label holders. I almost texted you yesterday to ask what they were called because I bought two new bins and some new decorations for next year.

With the house in good shape, getting ready to host the holiday was much less stressful than in the past. I knew where everything was and knew what I had and what I needed to get. We were always rushing around to figure out where to put all of our clutter. Now, with a place for (almost) everything, it was much easier to get ready."

Reading my client’s words made me realize yet again how much of an impact a little organization really does have! Here are 10 benefits that getting organized will provide.

1. Less stress and frustration!

2. More time to do what you like!

3. Less time spent searching for items.

4. Finding what you need when you need it!

5. More energy!

6. More serenity!

7. Less mental clutter!

8. More productivity!

9. Being in control of your day!

10. More money! No more purchasing duplicate items because you see what you have.

I could go on, but I think that these reasons alone should be incentive enough to make that decision to get organized. No matter where you draw your motivation from, as long as you choose to do it you'll have an advantage! Whether it is the beginning of a new year or season, an upcoming event, such as a celebration at your home, or just being sick and tired of feeling out of control, you can take small steps to calm the chaos and bring more organization into your life.

Ask a friend or family member to help you brainstorm and make changes, or search to find a professional organizer in your area.

Need accountability or hands-on assistance with any of your organizing projects? Call or email, I’m here to help, whether in person or virtually. Call 585-201-6009 or write to


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